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What Are Different Types of Burn Injuries?

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Injury on the Display of Medical Tablet.When you think about burns, you likely automatically think about flames and fire. While the majority of burns are caused by fire, burns can happen from other factors as well. Different types of burns require different types of treatments and prognosis can vary widely from person to person. Therefore, the amount of losses a burn victim suffers is often based on the type of burn injury1 that occurred.

The following are some of the different types of burns that are commonly suffered in accidents:

  • Electrical – When people come into contact with an electrical current, injuries can occur not only at the site of contact, but may travel and cause additional damage throughout the victim’s body.
  • Thermal – This type of burn can not only because by fire, but by any other type of extreme heat. Some other common causes are steam or scalding liquids.
  • Chemical – Chemical burns occur due to contact with toxic, corrosive substances such as alkali or acids.
  • Friction – This happens when the skin rubs against a surface with force. One common type of friction burn is road rash suffered in traffic accidents.

All types of burns have three main classifications of severity. First-degree burns affect the top layer of skin only second-degree burns affect the top layer of skin and the layer underneath, while third degree burns go through to the deepest layer of skin and often damage muscles, ligaments, or other tissue. While first-degree burns generally require topical treatment, deeper burns can require surgery, skin grafts, or even amputations.

An experienced burn injury attorney can help you recover

No matter what type of burn injury you have suffered, chances are high that you will incur significant medical costs for treatment and that you will suffer physical and possibly mental pain due to the burn. If another party caused your burn injury, you deserve to fully recover for all losses you suffered. At the law firm of Clements & Clements in Dallas, Texas, our experienced burn lawyers are committed to helping burn victims receive fair and just compensation. Call our office at 800-750-1126 for a free consultation today.




What Kinds Of Accidents Can Result In Serious Burn Injuries?

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Burn InjuriesBurns are among the most painful and disfiguring types of injuries that a person can sustain. Not only can burns cause significant damage to a person’s skin and muscle tissue, they can also leave significant scars that may take a substantial toll on a person’s self-esteem and psychological health. When burns are caused by accidents that were the result of someone else’s negligence, victims can often recover significant compensation for their injuries.  According to the National Institutes of Health1, there are three main types of burns:

  • First-degree burns – First degree burns cause damage only to the outermost layer of skin
  • Second-degree burns – Second-degree burns damage the top layer of skin and the layer directly underneath it
  • Third-degree burns – Third degree burns cause damage to the bottom layer of skin and potentially the underlying tissue

Anyone who has sustained a burn injury in an accident should discuss their case with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call our office today at (800) 750-1126.

Burns can be caused by much more than fire

While most people think of fires and hot stoves when considering the causes of burn injuries, in reality there a number of other ways that serious burn injuries can occur. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Car accidents2
  • Industrial accidents
  • Explosions
  • Construction site accidents
  • Defective consumer products
  • Electrical accidents
  • Defective kitchen equipment
  • Overexposure to radiation
  • Defective household appliances
  • Scalding from hot liquids

After a burn injury occurs, victims should seek medical attention as soon as possible. In addition to making sure that your injuries are properly treated, undergoing a thorough medical evaluation conducted by a medical professional also has the added benefit of generating an official record of your injuries. This record may prove useful in the event that your claim becomes contested.

Contact a Dallas, Texas personal injury lawyer today to schedule a free consultation

Anyone who has sustained a burn injury in a preventable accident should retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call Clements & Clements today at (800) 750-1126.


How can I Recover Compensation after getting Burned in Texas?

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burn injuryBurn injuries can be extremely painful and often require extensive medical treatment and recovery time. At the Dallas office of Clements & Clements, we work to help burn victims receive proper compensation and you should call today at (800) 750-1126 to schedule a free consultation.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

According to the American Burn Association (ABA), an estimated 450,000 people receive some type of medical for burn injuries on an annual basis in the United States, with 40,000 requiring hospitalization or a stay at a burn center. Many of these burns were caused by the negligence of another party.

Some examples of negligence that may cause burn injuries include the following:

  • Installing faulty electrical wiring
  • Failing to properly ground electrical wires at construction sites
  • Selling defective or dangerous fireworks to consumers
  • Setting off dangerous fireworks without the proper license
  • Defective or improperly repaired gas lines that cause explosions
  • Defective fuel tanks that explode in an accident
  • Defective space heaters or hot water heaters
  • Defective propane grills
  • Negligent handling of toxic chemicals
  • Negligent handling of flammables
  • Failure to warn a material may be flammable
  • Exploding lighters or matches

These are only some of the ways that burn victims receive their injuries. If you prove that another person or entity was negligent in causing your burn, you have the legal right to compensation from that party.

What can you recover?

The amount of damages you may recover depend on the severity of your injuries and the nature of the act that caused your injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, future medical treatment, any permanent disfigurement or disability, lost income and benefits, and more depending on the circumstances surrounding your particular case.

Whether you can recover for your burn injuries and how much you may potentially recover depends on the details of your particular case, though you should always consult with an attorney following a burn injury.