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Dangerous Trucking Practices Put Motorists at Risk

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Large commercial trucks are inherently dangerous on the roads because of the sheer disparity in size and weight to other vehicles. Because of the risks, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)1 as well as the state of Texas set out many different safety regulations that must be followed to prevent collisions between trucks and smaller cars. Unfortunately, many truck drivers and trucking companies violate these safety provisions and injuries often result. The following are only some examples of dangerous practices by some truck drivers and their employers.

Truck Driver Safety Issues

When a truck driver is behind the wheel of a big rig that weighs tens of thousands of pounds, they are expected to drive in a safe manner and in accordance with all relevant rules of the roads. Some of the ways in which truck drivers violate safety rules and cause crashes include as follows:

  • Driving after drinking or under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Texting or other forms of distracted driving
  • Not performing all pre-trip inspections
  • Failing to abide by hours of service regulations,2 which can lead to fatigued driving
  • Driving with serious health risks
  • Speeding, tailgating, dangerous lane changes, and other types of aggressive driving
  • Not adjusting driving for weather or road conditions
  • Violating any other traffic safety provisions
  • Unsafe Practices by Trucking Companies

In addition to driver error, the companies that employ drivers can also engage in dangerous practices that lead to collisions and injuries. Some examples of trucking company negligence include the following:

  • Allowing unlicensed or untrained drivers to operate commercial vehicles
  • Hiring drivers with a history of DUI or serious collisions or safety violations
  • Not properly inspecting or maintaining all trucks in the fleet
  • Not complying with conspicuity requirements for all trucks
  • Not performing the required random or post-collision alcohol or drug testing on drivers
  • Failing to discipline or suspend drivers for safety violations or intoxicated driving
  • Not properly monitoring drivers
  • Encouraging unsafe behaviors such as speeding or hours of service violations to make more deliveries and more profits.

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