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Facial Fractures Caused By Dallas Auto Collisions

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Facial Fractures Caused by Dallas Auto CollisionsA fracture is a broken bone and a facial fracture[1] refers to any injury that results in a broken bone or bones of the face.  The most common cause of facial fractures and serious cosmetic injuries to the face is motor vehicle collisions and in the state of Texas, there is a statewide crisis involving vehicle crashes.  The Texas Department of Transportation[2] provides that in 2014:

  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours 29 minutes
  • 1 person was injured every 2 minutes 13 seconds
  • 1 reportable crash occurred every 66 seconds

In a Dallas car collision, injuries to the face are often caused by the steering wheel, dashboard, airbag, windshield, side window, car seats or shattered glass. These facial injuries can range from minor scrapes and bruises; to a broken nose or broken jaw; to serious laceration and fractures; partial or total vision loss, severe burns and nerve damage; and broken teeth or other serious dental injuries.

Symptoms of Facial Fractures

  • Facial Bone Fractures: People who have suffered a facial bone fracture may experience tenderness at the injury site as well as swelling and bruising. When a person’s nose is fractured, he or she may also have a deformity to the shape of their nose as well as a nosebleed. Serious fractures of the middle part of the nasal bone may also fracture the bones on the inside of the nose. When this happens, the person’s brain may be exposed to the outside environment. People who have this occur may have ongoing nosebleeds or a nasal discharge that is clear.
  • Fractured Jaw: The symptoms of a fractured jaw may include pain, swelling, bruising to the underside of the tongue and problems with being able to bring the teeth together. When a person has a fracture located in the middle part of the face, they may also have trouble with bringing their teeth together, have clear nasal discharges, visual difficulties, bruising and the ability to move the bones in the area. Cheek fractures may show such symptoms as a flattened or depressed area in the cheek, difficulties with vision, problems with moving the jaw, a change in the feeling in the affected cheek and the presence of blood in the side of the eye.
  • Orbital Fractures[3]: People who have orbital (eye socket) fractures may have eyes that appear sunken. They may also complain of having double vision and have a changed sensation around the affected eye. When the temporomandibular joint is dislocated, the person may not be able to close their mouth and may have a jaw that is out of line. The joint is located in front of the ear where the temporal bone and the jaw are connected.

Contact a Dallas Facial Fracture Injury Attorney

When a car collision causes a facial fracture, an experienced Dallas auto collision attorney can review your case and determine what individual or business entity may be responsible for your injuries, damages and even lost wages. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Dallas auto collision lawyers, call Clements & Clements today at 214-827-1122 or send us an email through our online contact form.


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Should I Seek Medical Attention after a Relatively Minor Car Wreck?

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xray-auto-accidentThe Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) indicates1 there were 237,941 people injured in motor vehicle crashes during 2014. Of course, there are also a significant number of motor vehicle collisions that resulted in property damage only or in no damage at all. While many people who do not believe that they are seriously injured after an accident sometimes do not think it is worth their time to undergo a thorough medical evaluation, nothing could be further from the truth. There are several reasons why it is important for anyone that has been involved in a crash to seek medical attention, some of which are discussed below. For specific advice regarding your situation, call Clements & Clements today.

Seeking medical attention will ensure that your injuries are identified

The shock and adrenaline often experienced after a car accident can result in a situation in which victims are unaware of just how seriously they have been hurt. This is particularly true for injuries such as whiplash,2 which generally have no outward symptoms but may simply become painful hours or days after the injury has occurred. Fortunately, when you undergo a thorough medical evaluation, you can be sure that your injuries will be identified and that you start the appropriate treatment immediately.

Seeing a medical professional will result in the generation of an official record

A secondary benefit of seeking medical attention is that an official record will be created that describes the nature and severity of your injuries and connects them to your crash. This type of documentation can be extremely important if the other party or parties to the wreck in which you were involved deny liability or challenge the damages you are seeking.

Contact a Dallas auto collision attorney today to schedule a free consultation

People who have been involved in a car wreck of any severity should always seek medical attention and discuss their circumstances with an attorney. The person or party at fault for your wreck can often be held liable for any losses that you may have experienced, including medical expenses, lost income, damage to property, and your physical and emotional pain and suffering. To schedule a free case evaluation with a Dallas personal injury lawyer, call Clements & Clements today at 214-827-1122.

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